Paris IV

Our videos from Paris. My favorite one is the Bells of Notre Dame while we were on top.

Hall of Mirrors


Bells of Notre Dame


Tea Cups

Twinkling Lights

Seine River

Sleeping Beauty

Paris 2017 Part I

Earlier this year we traveled to Paris for what was supposed to be a romantic just the two of us getaway before baby girl arrived but turned into an escape from the crushing sadness of the last couple of weeks. The city of light was a perfect busy distraction.  Here is a list with links of the places we ate. In the upcoming weeks I will post what we did and our pictures. This is no way a comprehensive list for Paris but simply what we chose to do. We do not wake up before dawn to get in line before tourist places open. We believe there is no way to do, see and eat everything you want to during historical, international vacations. We want our time to be productive yet relaxing, enjoyable and restful. Therefore we attempt not to book too much or push ourselves too hard. I have noted my suggested must dos below. There are not many because there is so much to do in Paris you really must research and plan what best suits your taste and loves.

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Books are Better Bought Locally

When you read a great book, you don’t escape life, you plunge deeper into it.   ~Julian Barnes

From holding a job for a few hours a week during college to working a full-time job and flexi job for six years to now working a part time job and a flexi job I have worked hard to earn my money, and I want to give it to people that work hard and deserve it. I am not saying that large corporations do not employ mommies and daddies and sons and daughters that do not work hard. In fact three large corporations pay our bills. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to work there and bring home a pay check. But I want to put my money where my heart is. Continue reading “Books are Better Bought Locally”

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