Loggerhead Love


All my life I have risen with the sun to scour the beach for turtle tracks and capture the sunrise in photographs. One morning during our most recent trip I took Em with me. It was special to do this with her since I have the fondest memories of going out in the early light with daddy and Grandmama. Sharing this with her I had all the feels. I may have even teared up some. I had been hoping for a spectacular sunrise and some turtle tracks to share with her. Well God and some Lowcountry magic delivered. Not only did we stumble directly upon the first set of tracks while walking onto the beach from our car we saw two more crawls that day. One false crawl, one destroyed nest and one that was relocated to safer grounds, so she was able to see all types. And the sunrise was spectacular. Continue reading “Loggerhead Love”

The Barefoot Mermaid’s Guide to Beaufort, South Carolina Part I

My family has spent years in and around Beaufort. And by years I mean almost every summer since my mom was three. It was not until planning our last trip with my in-laws that I decided I needed to write a travel post about it. My roots and love for the Lowcountry run deep. Moving there crosses my mind at least monthly but sometimes daily. Hopefully one day. Until then I will just dream and visit at least once a year. Below are some of our favorite things in and around Beaufort. Some are on our to do list, I will update as we actually do them. I have noted our favorites as part of our Always List meaning every time we are visiting the are we eat/shop/visit. Continue reading “The Barefoot Mermaid’s Guide to Beaufort, South Carolina Part I”

The Green Door

Midnight, one more night without sleeping
Watching till the morning comes creeping
Green door, what’s that secret you’re keeping?
There’s an old piano
And they play it hot behind the green door
Don’t know what they’re doing
But they laugh a lot behind the green door
Wish they’d let me in so I could find out
What’s behind the green door.
“Green Door” by Jim Lowe

Continue reading “The Green Door”

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