Roasted Sausage and Veggies Sheet Pan Meal

There is nothing revolutionary about this recipe. In fact you can find tons of variations on the internet. But if you are like me and get stuck in a dinner rut and need some inspiration I hope this inspires you! The possibilities are endless and I LOVE the one pan thing. You definitely can make this recipe Whole30 approved. Just check your ingredients in your sausage, spices and oil! Continue reading “Roasted Sausage and Veggies Sheet Pan Meal”

The Barefoot Mermaid Travels to New Bern, NC

The first weekend of 2018 was spent in New Bern, NC for Ryan’s best friend’s wedding. Our trip was a bit hampered by Ryan’s broken foot, snow and ice in the area but we still aimed to have a good time. As a side note I was absolutely crushed we could not dance, as dancing is one of my favorite things ever. We also had wedding things to attend so did not have as much downtime for exploring since everything takes ten times longer with a broken foot. Continue reading “The Barefoot Mermaid Travels to New Bern, NC”

2018 Goals

There is something fresh and new about the New Year. One tends to reflect, dream and hope. One of my favorite goal master minds, Lara Casey swears there is nothing special about starting on January 1st and while that is true you definitely do not need to wait til January 1, 2019 to make some of your goals happen if you missed the boat this New Year’s Day, I do think there is something almost magical about a new year and a fresh start. Today I am going to share with you my goals for 2018 and a sneak peak into my Powersheets. Continue reading “2018 Goals”

The Barefoot Mermaid’s Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole

As we gear up for Christmas I can not help but reflect on Christmas memories. One of my most frequent and prominent memories is Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole. I have vivid memories of helping Papa make this casserole. It is a staple on our Christmas mornings. Now that I have to work some Christmas Days now I make it for work. There is not anything revolutionary or different from other breakfast casserole recipes other than the memories and love scrambled with it.   Continue reading “The Barefoot Mermaid’s Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole”

Loving Lately: Christmas Traditions


The Holiday Season is full of traditions. I do not know if it’s the familiar routine everyone craves or the connection to times past but traditions are an important part of most people’s celebrations. Due to our work schedules and usually traveling to see family at Christmas time, we do not have any set in stone traditions on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but that is something I would like to try this year yo work into place. Continue reading “Loving Lately: Christmas Traditions”

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