Fabulous Friday 2023, III

Fabulous Friday 2023, III

Happy weekend!

I did some garden work this week. The daffodils are peaking through and the ranunculus are struggling but hopefully they will persevere.

I was hoping these would be a bit more blue/purple mermaid shift but they are still pretty, just more green than I thought.

We had game night tonight with our friends. Luce and I practiced reading.

We had two good salads for dinners this week. Buffalo chicken and rotisserie chicken with peri peri sauce.

I FaceTimed with my M girl this week a bunch because being put on call at work and being home alone sometimes messes with my brain. Em and I also talked via Marco Polo and I’m so glad I thought to have her download the app for us to try.

Hope your weekend brings what you need, rest, joy, laughter, peace, fun, etc.

Grateful for sunny days, peeps of promises to come in the garden and friends with littles who brighten my day.

Happy Weekend!



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