Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXV

Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXV

Happy weekend and happy official start of college football season!!

Teddy and I went for a river walk after work one night.

This really does taste like Rainbow Ice. Not as “clean” as some others on the market but I put 1/4 scoop to 1/2 scoop in 32 or 40 oz of water for flavor.

Most people are ready for pumpkins and sweaters and such. And while I am super excited for football, I’m still team long live summer. Grabbed these cuties from TJs. To be clear I’m also hopeful that the weather will soon be cool enough to enjoy being outside without getting eaten alive by bugs and not sweating to death. I have been mostly depressed or sometimes anxious almost every day lately and I’m partly blaming the weather being so hot that I don’t want to be outside. “Hot” seasonal affective disorder.

One of my besties had a birthday this month so we celebrated with dinner and special dessert to fit her dietary needs.

I took lunch to Ryan and Teddy as well as their friends last weekend but it seems I had enough food for the entire hospital.

Some weeks our neighbor gets our trash can and recycling bins from the road. This somehow is my chore in our marriage, always has been always will be. One time in Homewood I came home and actually was baffled at how Ry got his car around the trash can without moving it. 😂 Anyways it’s lovely to come home from a 12 hour shift plus hour drive home to find out bins tucked up next to the house.

I bought a small light therapy box to use the days I work. Waking up then driving an hour in the dark makes be feel sleepy. But also so grateful it’s not nightshift, but I am missing king summer days already.

Grateful for cute baby pineapple plants, friends to have dinner with, and being in the same town as my brother.

Happy weekend! I hope it’s filled with good snacks and great college football if that’s what brings your heart joy!



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