Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXII & XXXIII &XXXIV

Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXII & XXXIII &XXXIV

Happy weekend! It’s been a busy fun few weeks! We visited the Lowcountry, had visitors and now back to the normal just for a bit.

We took a little getaway to my favorite place. I was on the beach for sunrise every morning. Sadly no baby sea turtle hatchlings but there were baby tracks too the ocean. Also some sharks teeth. We ate yummy local seafood and saw some friends. I can’t believe its been 9 ish months since we moved.

Been trying some different nail stuff, Dashing Diva gloss and glaze. The grey glaze didn’t last long at all but the pink glaze has held up so hopefully.

My favorite girlies visited. It was so fun to all be together. M started pointed at pictures on our gallery wall and saying TaTaTa and it pretty much cracked my heart open.

I’ve been trying to meal plan more in advanced all at once so my brain doesn’t have to constantly think about it. One night we had pasta bake basically just because they were out of angel hair.

Happy weekend!



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