Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXI

Fabulous Friday 2022, XXXI

Happy weekend!

I can’t believe it’s August and back to school for the kids soon! I kept four of my little besties some this week. We went to the park, played outside (soooo hot), watched TV, painted, built forts, and snuggled. Also the girls played with my hair. 10/10 so not recommend allowing clothes pins to be put into your hair. 10/10 do recommend fun mermaid hair.

Dyed my fingernails black accidentally while helping my brother make a cake. I just covered up my nails with navy nail strips. I also have a bad habit of making cakes with out a solid transporting plan. So moving boxes for the win.

I hung my new bird feeder this week and the squirrel found it. I don’t think he can actually reach it from the window ledge. I also saw a hummingbird in my garden (from the window) which was amazing, need you get my new feeder up this weekend.

I’ve definitely had a case of the pout pout fish grumpies lately. I think part of it is it feel too hot to go outside. Ryan and I did get in a river walk earlier this week. It was fine then it was miserable. There isn’t a breeze like at the beach. Also Hunting Island has 173 turtle nest and I feel VERY grumpy about missing that.

We use pizza sauce frequently but not a lot at one time. I got wise this week and used my souper cubes to freeze some to grab easily.

Happy weekend! Good luck to those starting school soon.

Grateful for fort building imagination of kids, homemade pesto, and hummingbirds.



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