Fabulous Friday 2022, XXVIII & XXIX

Fabulous Friday 2022, XXVIII & XXIX

Happy Weekend! It’s been busy here! We visited TX last week to celebrate my niece’s first birthday. It seems like yesterday I was driving all night to get to the airport to try to make it before she was born.

We had a luau for Miss MM. Tate made her pineapple smash cake, ballon arch, and flowers from crepe paper. We also surprised mom and dad with a one year old photo shoot. Also unsure who all those bags belong too. 😂 Well they are holding a hand mixer, three pans and craft supplies!

My little garden is going strong despite me mostly neglecting it with all the travel. I have a few tomato blooms and some baby jalapeños and a few sweet peppers.

I added some new piercings and jewels for my 35th! I’m so happy with them. Hopefully I can find a wave to replace the star so the moon and ocean will always be close by physical even though the ocean is always a part of me.

Last week we had a pool picnic and evening swim with friends!

Ryan made me Oreo dirt dessert for my birthday.

Working on my mail game lately!

Found this beautiful nest at my sisters house! I can’t wait to hear about the babies!

This week I am grateful for rain, beautiful magic like blue bird eggs, the new season of Virgin River, time with Em, nice work days/assignments, and picnics!

Happy weekend! Do something fun to savor summer this weekend!



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