Fabulous Friday 2023, XXVII

Fabulous Friday 2023, XXVII

Happy weekend!

It was birthday week. I didn’t do too much. I helped out at work some on July 4th then took the rest of the week off to mentally prepare for 35 😂. Also our house has been way neglected lately so I worked on that.

My little Greenstalk is flourishing. I need to harvest some basil and make pesto.

Last Friday night I hung out with some mini BFFs at the pool for a July 4th party.

I visited my family in south AL and saw Em.

I did July 4th nails and made a July 4th treat.

I decorated a cake for my birthday. I wanted a geode cake and instead of buying one I decided to enjoy the process of doing it myself and I’m pretty proud at how it turned out.

I also attempted clotted cream this week but it did not turn out, sadly.

Finally got my windows tinted on the new to us car. Hopefully it will help with the heat some, hopefully.

The first nest at Hunting Island hatched on my birthday! All the birthday twinsies.

Grateful for tiny turtle tracks, summer gardens and gathering the magic moments as my journeys around the sun continue.



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