Fabulous Friday 2022, XXIII-XXVI

Fabulous Friday 2022, XXIII-XXVI

Happy mid June! Haha…Happy July! Well this past month was packed to the gills and simply got away from me. So here is what happened in June.

Phew. I’ve been in TX helping take care of my niece and I’ve been to FL for a sea turtle summer extravaganza. Then add in work, trying to get the house unpacked.

Fresh summer nails. I’m on the hunt for a good neon pink. This one is close but maybe a shade deeper?

These are the moments. What a gift. I wish I had a quicker, cheaper way of getting there. Basically I wish I could portal over for baby snugs anytime I wanted which is all the time. Then I could also portal to the coast and back to my husband and Em.

Em and I met our family in FL to visit Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. It’s the most significant nesting site for Loggerheads in the world and the most significant for Greens in the US.

Em and I started our road trip in AL. Drove to ATL where we stayed with Ry’s parents then flew to FL. We added an extra day to the front and end of the trip. This allowed us to play around Disney/Orlando.

The day we arrived we had Afternoon Tea at The Tea Room Experience. It was such fun and reminded me how much I love afternoon tea. It inspired me to put a three tiered plate stand and a few other things on my birthday list so we can recreate afternoon tea at home with the fancy dishes.

Turns out we are both bad sports about being in Disney but not going to Magic Kingdom, but we still managed to have fun. The last day of our trip I surprised Em with a morning at Typhoon Lagoon before our flight home.

We met our family in Indialantic FL on Friday evening. We took shifts looking for sea turtles. Between about 3 am on Saturday morning and 11 am on Sunday we saw 19 mamas! I took these pics using NO flash just the full moon and night camera mode. Don’t forget to be respectful to our nesting mamas. No lights on the beach. Don’t get too close. If you see a mama exiting the water freeze you can scare her right back into the ocean with movement. Walk below the tide line where you can easily see tracks otherwise if you walk in the soft sand you could stumble over a mama!

I want to go back with Em, Ry, my mom and sister hopefully we can visit Kennedy Space Center next time too.

Em spent another weekend with us. We visited Leaf & Petal to admire all the beautiful plants and added some to my birthday list. We spent an afternoon at Dave and Busters shout out to Ryan for that entertaining, air conditioned idea. We also had biscuits for breakfast but make them cute and summer, also I couldn’t find a good side round cutter or an appropriate glass to use as a cutter.

We have a lovely big tub in the new house. Ryan cleaned it for me the other day then I couldn’t make the water turn off. So it turned into quite the event when he had to turn off the water at the road. A YouTube video helped him solve the problem and a plumber came out to officially fix it this week.

Grateful for summertime, adventures with Em, sea turtles, snuggles with M, good books, my own comfy bed, weighted blanket, air conditioner, vented car seats, fireflies, friends that support you during your sad/grumpy days, and tea sandwiches.

Happy July 4th!



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