Fabulous Friday 2022, XVII & XVIII

Fabulous Friday 2022, XVII & XVIII

Happy Weekend! And welcome to May on last Sunday.

We had a pretty low key week this past (x2) week. Still slowly moving and getting the new house in clean living order. I bought this rug when we moved to SC and other than the great tomato soup accident a year or so ago is has not been cleaned. It will definitely feel nice to have it clean before we put the furniture on it again.

Tiny seedlings that are late but better late than never! I also bought a GardenStalk during the Mother’s Day sale. I can’t wait to get it set up but these babies need to be a bit bigger.

We hung curtains in the two guest rooms at the new house so some progress. I’ve been frustrated about how slow things are going especially when we have to clean the house again and again it’s been gross! I feel like nothing has officially been checked off the to do list, so the past few days I’ve been working on a large list of every little thing I want to get done.

I babysat these two cuties a few weekends ago!

Friday night we went to the Rs house for dinner and to help with a ballon arch. It turned out great in my opinion.

I made pesto last week from my Aerogarden. I have some basil seeds started to transplant to my GreenStalk.

All set up at the new house for bird friends. My wooden hanging feeder broke in a storm this spring so I decided to try this window one. I need to get a hummingbird feeder up there.

This cutie had her spring band concert. We are so impressed!

Sea turtle nesting season kicked off May 1st! I can’t wait for HI to get their first nest. I will miss this sooooo much.

May is also Mental Health Awareness month. I encourage you to invest in your mental health no matter how “healthy” your mental state feels! There is always room for a tune up and improvement. Do the work, it’s hard but it matters.

Happy weekend!



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