Fabulous Friday 2022, XVI

Fabulous Friday 2022, XVI

Happy weekend!

I finally had a Farmers Market Saturday morning last weekend. It was raining but still a pleasant routine feeling.

I spent Easter Dinner with friends who are family. I even got to hold a soft little bunny!

It’s been a busy ish week over here. We began the process of moving into our new rental this week. Still in Tuscaloosa but closer to BHM side. So also address change for any friends interested. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite ready for us as in some of the things supposed to get fixed didn’t and it seems like the cleaning service didn’t clean at all. But by Friday it was looking much better. Thankfully!

I started some seeds, a bit late but was trying to time better with our move and hopefully the Greenstalk Mothers Day sale. I have a few determinate tomatoes of different varieties, zinnias, dahlias, purple basil, and sweet basil.

Our littlest lovie is crawling on of the eve of nine months!

Bird lady reporting for duty. I used to watch the hummingbirds with my Papa so they hold a special place in my heart.

Grateful for a impromptu dinner out with my Brother and friend after work, air conditioning (it was so hot moving some things today!), and yet also heated seats for my old hips 😂.

Enjoy the weekend!



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