Fabulous Friday 2022, XV

Fabulous Friday 2022, XV

Happy Easter weekend!

It’s been a pretty low key week around here after weeks of activity.

I still have a sore throat but my cough continues to improve and Ryan is all the way better after our having the crud since 3/20 ish and three dr visits between the two of us.

It appears that the lack of turtles and dolphins to watch has caused me to become a backyard bird watcher. I’ve seen a Carolina Wren, hummingbirds and Blue Jays. There was also a smaller blue one that I failed to get good pictures of so I couldn’t identify it.

I’m positively itching to get my summer garden going, but we have access to our new rental next week so I might as well wait til then. Although I might turn the guest bathroom here into a seed nursery. I’m waiting on a Mother’s Day sale for a vertical planter but can go ahead and get my basil and tomatoes going to transplant in a few weeks.

My Aerogarden is thriving. I need to make a small batch of pesto. These snapdragons also make me happy.

I wanted a cute Easter garland for my bookshelves. I couldn’t find one I liked so I made two of these. I adore how they turned out and they remind me of Cadbury mini eggs.

I stopped into Publix the other day to get some specialty needs. They had these cute flowers up front. I usually don’t love artificially dyed flowers but these are cute!

We met friends for sushi lunch Thursday and of course I had to pop next door for boba, I’m slightly addicted.

I had a dermatologist appointment earlier this week for a skin check. Make sure you get your skin checked regularly especially if you have ever been sunburned or have a family history of skin cancer.

Southern Living posted a deviled egg article in relation to Easter and it made me crave them. So I had these one night while Ryan was working late.

Grateful this week for sushi with friends, seeing a friend at the hospital who I thought no longer lived here turns out we surprised each other, and an after lunch walk with Ryan today.

Happy Easter. I hope you’re able to spend some time with people you love this weekend.



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