Fabulous Friday 2022, XII/XIII/XIV

Fabulous Friday 2022, XII/XIII/XIV

Happy Weekend!

Phew it’s been a busy few weeks around here. But a good busy and in the middle of the busy Ryan and I both had have some very lingering cold/sinus infection/crud something.

Mid March Em and I went to the zoo with our friends. It brought back so many memories or living near by when she was a baby.

I made a large pot of soup and froze some. It was so nice to have it when we were sick.

I’ve grown some basil in my Aerogarden. Hoping to collect enough for some pesto. Soon I will start my outside garden. Hopefully the last freeze is this weekend. Of course we will also have access to the new place soon so I figure I might as well wait and start my garden there.

Most recently I had my niece for her first ever Camp Tate while her parents (and Graeme) enjoyed a much deserved vacation. Em had Spring Break for part of Ms time here so we had a joint Camp Tate.

We had game night with friends, a picnic, some walks, trips to the park (the pollen levels did limit our time outside, Tate can’t handle the pollen from the Oak Trees- unofficial diagnosis from playing with the tassel pods when I was little then my eyes swelling shut), trying lots of new foods, practicing crawling, visits to see Bryant Denny, lunch with Tate’s friend and her family, Facetimes with mama and daldal, many snuggles, looks around Tatie’s garden, watching the hummingbirds, looking at new rental houses for Uncle Ry and Tate, dancing, hanging with Funcle Teddy, practicing standing, giggling with Em, and more snuggles.

Flowers from TJs with added herb greenery from my aerogarden.

Tate did some Easter nails.

My sissy got me a Stoney Clover x Target pouch and a pretty necklace or bracelet from Hawaii.

This little beauty has visited my hummingbird feeder. I never had a ruby throated visitor in SC. They bring me so much joy and remind me of watching the feeder outside Granny and Papa’s dining room when I was little. I’m hoping I can get some more pics.

Tucked my little plants in for the cool weekend.

Happy Weekend!



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