Fabulous Friday 2022, IX & X

Fabulous Friday 2022, IX & X

Happy Weekend! Last week got away from me so a two for one today.

Last (last) weekend we had a getaway to Virginia Beach for some whale watching. Now it was a fun trip but I recommend skipping VA Beach and heading to Monterey Bay for whale watching. One day our whale watching tour was canceled so we headed to Yorktown battlefield and Jamestown.

Sketched out March earlier last week. I made a meal plan for March. We definitely won’t stick to 100% but it’s nice to have a plan.

Nails for a few days.

Got my two favorite girlies matching jammies and Tate a pair too. Camp Tate coming soon!

We had a fun game night with our R friends! Game night cookies from The Nostalgic Crumb.

Ryan and I got in a river walk one day this week between our work days.

I took this cutie to the orthodontist this week. While waiting I worked on a craft. We grabbed dinner of her choice, CFA. She loves her SunJoy. Tate can sympathize with braces for sure.

Grateful this week for an after work dinner with brother, heat/air/heat/air 😂, and a great friend that listens and encourages me in the middle of the muck.

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