Fabulous Friday 2022, XVIII

Fabulous Friday 2022, XVIII

Happy Weekend!

Mermaid nails!

Butterfly clips are back! I love seeing things circle around especially for my generations little girls. But I don’t remember them being available at Target but of course we didn’t have Target. Maybe Claire’s had them but it was definitely a speciality store.

Also on the nostalgia front, Igloo did a collaboration with Care Bears. I feel like I was born on the tail end of Care Bears but do love them so much.

I dropped Ryan at work one day and then hit a CFA breakfast treat. It was early enough for no line.

I love seeing the daffodils push up throughout the lands. They are one of my favorite flowers because they are pretty but also in the midst of the cold, grey and barren lands they push through and blossom with their sunny colored selves.

My heart, like many hearts, has been so heavy this week. With political attacks on trans kids families in TX and the war in Ukraine there is so much human suffering. I find it hard to balance trying to live my life to the fullest yet not seeming oblivious or cold hearted. It’s hard to balance mental health and staying informed. It’s hard to know how to help and truly make a difference when “thoughts and prayers” seem so petty and lifeless. Thoughts and prayers are like a good start but should not be the end game or the only action. It’s simply not enough when nurses are having to manually give intubated NICU babies breaths in a make shift bomb shelter. And civilian homes are being targeted. I know human suffering has existed for ages and will continue to exist as long as humans are living. But it hits a bit harder no matter how I try to regulate my empath self. So sending love to everyone because we need each other now more than ever. Aiming to still fight for the goodness worldwide and within my own heart and soul.

This week I’m grateful for adventures, mermaid nails, and naps.

Happy weekend. Stay soft and strong and well.



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