Fabulous Friday 2022, VII

Fabulous Friday 2022, VII

The past two days definitely have already felt like the weekend.

Last Friday night we had dinner with Amy and her family. I think we converted them to Ticket to Ride players.

I watched this lovie play basketball last Saturday. It was good to spend a few hours with her.

My cousin sent me this sweatshirt got Valentines and it’s perfect!

I thought one of my olive trees was dead but I’ve nursed it back to health. It’s almost like it was stunned during the move.

We had Ryan’s family in town visiting this week. Last weekend Ryan’s friend’s family visited while passing through. So lots of fun visits sprinkled in with work schedules.

We did some exploring of local lake areas with Ryan’s family.

I’m jumping back into the swing of things for work. Mainly it’s getting stuff ready for lunches and dinners since it takes awhile to get to work and to get home.

I made some lasagna pesto roll ups to have on hand for the weekend. They are tasty and pretty! I definitely have doubled the pesto both times I’ve made these.

I’ve been grateful for my sound machine, medicines to help our bodies when they need it, and Reese’s eggs snack sized of course, it’s the perfect pb to chocolate ratio and best served cold.

Happy Weekend!



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