Fabulous Friday 2022, VI

Fabulous Friday 2022, VI

Happy Weekend!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Begin at Home on Instagram always has the cutest bookshelves in her house for her boys. She refreshes the books monthly and some weekly. I’ve adored this and I started doing it at my nieces house. But I just loved it so much I thought just because we don’t have kids (although we have plenty that visit between Em, M and Ry’s best friend’s children). I decided to do it with my own books and a few books I have for the babies when they come over. Also there are some profound life lessons in children’s books and sometimes I feel adults could use the simple reminders. I found the shelves on Etsy. They were plain wood so I painted them myself. The Garland is also from Etsy. It was one strand but I made it into two.

When it’s not festive I’ll have my to be read or favorites displayed. It’s already brought be much joy looking at it.

The weather has been spring warm this week. Ryan and I took a short walk Thursday. Today we were busy cleaning for our weekend guests.

I’ve almost finally gotten all the boxes unpack and stuff stashed somewhere. I’ve taken a few boxes full to Goodwill and tried to sell some things on Facebook. Now to start the process of picking an area and organizing/decluttering so it will be easier next time we move. And yes unfortunately we had to find this house so quickly that we didn’t find one we adore so we will be on the lookout to move again this summer.

I did some late night closet organizing this week. My sleep schedule has been off but I’m vowing to get back on track this weekend. This house has a lovely huge master closet but no linen closet so we have improvised.

I love FaceTime calls with these sweet feet. I can’t wait to have Camp Tate in a few weeks. I think matching Camp shirts are a need.

I made some Valentines treats. This is an adapted recipe from The Nostalgic Crumb.

This week I am grateful for ice cold, bubbly Diet Cokes that hit the spot, audiobooks with outstanding narrators, and time with friends.

Happy Weekend!



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