Fabulous Friday 2022, IV

Fabulous Friday 2022, IV

Happy weekend!

I bought a small bouquet of flowers to brighten the house this week but the fruit also brightened it up.

I took a walk this week before it gets chilly this weekend.

My monstera has been struggling I decided to try a new support and soil. Hopefully it will perk up. Trying to give it all the love and humidity and light.

I had two days of work back on the unit with the cutest little patients. Excited to be back with them.

Pretty nails for the weekend. I used to not enjoy purple but I’m embracing it lately.

I made another focaccia recipe this week. We ate it with the two soups I made most recently which I put the left overs in the freezer. They both warmed well even though one was creamy.

I finished this book. I hope she writes a follow up. Also characters from another book of hers show up here and I love that sort of cross over.

Happy weekend! I hope you have the chance to do something you love with someone you love (PS that someone you love can just be yourself!).



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