Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXVII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXVII

Happy weekend! We have passed mid September and it feels so strange.

Another spectacular fireball sunrise during Tuesday morning turtle patrol.

Last Saturday I did something I hadn’t done in a while, climbed to the top of the lighthouse. Beautiful, windy views.

This 100 Acre Wood property is so adorable. I wish we could go here.

The trash pandas who we have had no problems with at this house have now discovered how to open our compost barrel.

Morning bird bath.

I’ve been working nightshift the past couple of weeks and this coming week. Man it’s so hard. Here’s to a break soon.

A reminder with all the things and all the Covid. Don’t forget your FLU vaccine. Also I said I wasn’t going to talk about it again because no ones mind is going to be changed by a post BUT I am BEGGING you. If you are unvaccinated for Covid please reconsider not as a political argument but in the name of deaths everywhere that are effecting younger and healthy people more and more. Continue to wear your mask and socially distance and proceed with caution. I know the world has alarm fatigue but please it’s been worse these past few weeks than it ever was previously. Please talk with a trusted scientific health person to discuss your concerns. If you need someone to talk to I have some people I can hook you up with. Ok? I’m PLEADING with you. Please just circle back around every few weeks as this is a developing pandemic and we have new information and more data on the vaccines everyday. Don’t just decide you are not getting it with out reconsidering and researching again every few weeks.

This past week I prepped some lemon chicken soup, apple crisp and sour cream biscuits. I’ve been living off apple crisp mixed with green yogurt. The soup was easy and delicious too.

Have a wonderful, restorative weekend.



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