Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXV

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXV

Happy Labor Day weekend.

This little one escaped from her house and showed up on our porch to visit.

I caught Ryan’s crud this week but luckily not Covid. Small graces. While I was resting I made a few crafts. If you want your team and colors let me know, $20 shipped for a set.

Lisa Frank and Orly have a new collaboration. Childhood nostalgia.

Ems tub paints are the hardest to get clean, probably my fault for letting it sit in there. My advice wash it off that night.

Snagged some Krispy Kreme and got our free vaccine doughnuts. I miss KK so much!

Happy weekend! Enjoy some college football! I’m so excited it feels like I can’t even describe how excited I am.



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