Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXIV

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXIV

This week flew by. Last week Ryan was sick and we both got tested for Covid just in case. It was negative so thanks vaccine, especially since I had an exposure. But turn out just the crud and now I have it. So continue to be diligent about those mask and hand washing. Don’t forget your flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine if you qualify.

I worked 2.5 nightshift at the beginning of the week. But still managed to love on some baby turtles.

So many people are feeling burned out and restless or paralyzed with the weight of the world currently. It’s a strong season of both/and. We can be both sad/heartbroken at the state of the world AND be grateful for the littlest insignificant things in life such as the start of college football, cheese boards, and baby turtles. Because the little insignificant things in life are in fact some of the most important. Drawing in gratitude and joy will bring in more gratitude and joy. So friends in a time of great pain don’t forget to seek everyday magic.

I met with my counselor this week and in such a season of unknown she reminded me to get grounded back into a routine (so hard what is that) and practice daily meditation. Another thing I have tried to focus on is what’s a little or big task that will be helpful for my future self. So tonight I got gas, I could have put it off one more day but I didn’t. I also ran to the grocery and grabbed a few things for dinner tomorrow and a super easy dinner Sunday.

Penelope came over to snuggle with me one day.

So this weekend remember find something beautiful, even if it’s just grocery store flowers, and do one task your future self will thank you for.

Enjoy the weekend!



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