Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXIII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXIII

Happy weekend!

I few flowers from the garden. Not many flowers this year. Some of my seeds didn’t take but I should be able to get them going for the next few months with our weather.

My aerogarden. Soon I can have a salad.

I’ve started a system to organize my photos so ask me how that’s going in a few weeks.

No cute baby turtles on the beach this week but I did find some good birds. Ruddy Turnstones are not ones I commonly see.

Took a much needed walk with a good friend this week.

I made a different version of the feta tiktok pasta. This is what we call crack cheese pasta because my family refers to Boursin garlic and herb cheese as crack cheese. I take two crack cheeses and grape tomatoes or some tomato sauce put that in a glass dish and bake while your pasta cooks. You just want the cheese warmed and tomatoes roasted/warm/splitting. Mix in a little half and half or heavy cream and add the pasta. Done and delish.

Enjoy your weekend!



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