Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXXII

Holy Fridays have snuck up on me for oh a month now. I’ll have to do a July recap soon, but for now let’s just stick to this week.

It’s been filled with work for Ryan and a major migraine. Poor thing. It was rough.

I had some work and visited a bit with family who were in the area.

Of course the best was the little turtle just waiting for me at the top of the nest on Tuesday. Day made. You know I’m a baby nurse truly neonatal intensive care in my heart so like there’s something about baby turtles too! Luckily I got to love on two little ones Tuesday.

And remember I have been trained for this. So it’s not safe to pick up baby turtles on the beach. You can give them your germs and they can give you theirs. If you see little ones alive on the beach please stay with them to scare off the crabs and birds but call the professionals (and yes that’s someone more official and professional than me). Also, please don’t use my photos without permission.

Big plans in the works. Sadly another year without international travel BUT Hawaii feels international. PS: we are both fully vaccinated and have fully refundable flights should we need to abandon plans.

I am making a few of these personalized bracelets to support my crafting habits. If you want one let me know. Baby names, mantras, words of the year and sports teams are common.

PS-college football is around the corner and I literally can NOT wait! We were going to go to the first game in ATL but now don’t feel like we should be inside a stadium full of people. Much to my crushing heartache.

Happy weekend! Stay safe!



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