Fabulous Friday 2021, XXV

Fabulous Friday 2021, XXV

Happy weekend! June has been nothing short of crazy and good. So rather than try to go back and break it up week by week I’ll just do an overview.

We traveled to Cali and Dallas. We had an epic time gazing at Sequoias and whale watching. A full trip memory post coming soon. We had an intentional extended stop over in Dallas for sister and brothers time as well as tacos.

We headed home. I worked a few days. Had a Tuesday with NO turtles (maybe it was the tropical storm that came from the gulf/land out into the Atlantic). Then headed back to Dallas for a family weekend. Although we missed some of our significant others it was lovely to have all the Copley Girls in one place.

I went back home, worked barely got unpacked and then we headed to ATL to see some of Ry’s besties. The same ones that visited us in Beaufort and we saw in Dallas but we went over a year with out seeing them so we are playing catch up.

Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it. It’s safe to say we are back to pre Covid traveling. Thanks science and vaccines!!

My little garden is limping by with the help of a neighbor and summer rainstorms during our travels. Ryan added another olive and a pomegranate tree to the line up for my upcoming birthday. I told him now we need a house so I have more yard for my plant babies. There there really isn’t room for them.

Happy weekend!



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