Fabulous Friday 2021, XX & XXI

Fabulous Friday 2021, XX & XXI

Happy weekend! Although it feels like our weekend is winding down I know it’s just beginning for most.

We have had a fun and people we love packed two weeks.

We celebrated Em,Teddy and Ryan’s birthday last week. Unsure if anyone should be allowed to marry into the family or birth babes with birthdays from about May 8-28. We are pretty booked solid.

While visiting I also met one of my besties babies finally thanks to Covid. We had a blast with the whole family.

I try to grab some pics of Em around her birthday every year and during summer. Be still my heart.

We saw a snake on the beach last week during turtle patrol but sadly no turtles. Not my idea of a good time or preferred wildlife.

This weeks turtle patrol adventures were spectacular though.

Growing up I’d go on sunrise walks with my Grammie or dad. I don’t remember any one else getting up with us too much. We would seek shells and often I stole my dads old film camera to capture the sunrises and shrimp boats. Later I was upgraded to a panorama film camera of my own.

We also always trolled the beach for turtle tracks and looked for the sea turtle conservation volunteers. We would watch and eagerly learn as they gathered data and moved nest. I always dreamed one day in retirement or maybe just a summer when I was able to come volunteer myself.

In 2019 we moved here which took much courage and bravery on my part but there’s always been something about Hunting Island. Even though I hadn’t even officially fully moved here I made sure I scoured the website to find out when and how to be a sea turtle volunteer. I had a blast my first year. Held my first hatchling and was even more invested than before. 2020 was a different year but this year I was able to be a prober. I know some of you have no clue what this means- I get to analyze a crawl, take the robe stick and try to locate the eggs. Then they will be marked and caged or moved with lots of rules and regulations if needed above the high tide line.

Last Tuesday I was about to successfully probe and find not one but two nest. I don’t know why and I can’t really describe it or help you understand unless you too are in fact a crazy sea turtle person. But needless to say the magic of Hunting Island was extremely potent that morning.

This week we also had Ryan’s friend and family visit. We had a fun boating day with lots of dolphin sightings on Wednesday. We were able to hang out with the smallest family member while mom and dad had a conference.

He loved the beach and uncle Ryan’s crazy driving.

The Summer garden is unfolding. I harvested quite a bit of basil.

A couple days work then an adventure next week. It’s our favorite kind of adventure!

Happy weekend!



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