Fabulous Friday 2021, XVIII & XIX

Fabulous Friday 2021, XVIII & XIX

Happy Weekend! Last Friday got away from me and I didn’t get this out.

Turtle season has officially started. Hunting Island had its first turtle activity today which was a non nesting crawl.

I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was something of what you hoped for.

The past two Tuesdays I’ve been lucky enough to find some teeth.

Ryan’s parents came to visit and camp at Hunting Island. We explored the south end of the island a bit and I got so burned it’s embarrassing and I’m still peeling.

Sunrises on the regular enhance my life.

We are visiting Em and family for May birthdays this weekend. We have already had Ethiopian and Indian food. Exciting diverse food is something Beaufort lacks.

The garden is entering summer mode.

I have had some fun in the kitchen lately. Homemade bread, hummus, pesto and salsa. We made grilled cheese on homemade bread with mozzarella and fresh pesto. We will definitely add that to the summer rotation.

Happy weekend. Enjoy.



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