Fabulous Friday 2021, XVI & XVII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XVI & XVII

Happy Weekend! I’m most excited that turtle season starts tomorrow!

Last week I got too busy and did not get this written in time.

I visited this sweet angel for a few days. We had dinner with friends, did nails and homework. She wanted to match Tate of course.

My sister, aunt and uncle also came for a visit! What a treat it is to have people visit. Yay for science and vaccines. We had a picnic and took our rental dog with us. She enjoyed being carried. In her defense we did walk far for her little legs. We visited the Cypress Wetlands to look for alligators. We also found some nesting birds.

If you need a educational, fascinating and mellow show, then Secrets of the Whales on Disney+ is great.

We took this old girl out for a ride finally and got her cleaned up for summer.

Penelope spent another day with us and clearly we are so fun we exhausted her or so boring she couldn’t stay awake. Unsure how comfortable that is but she stayed like that for a bit.

The new bridge to Hunting Island is open. It’s nice and wide. But I will miss the old bridge that carried me over to my favorite island all my life until yesterday.

It took three trips to Home Depot, two trips to Lowe’s, two orders from the internet and one return but we finally have a headboard. No more losing my pillows into the bay window.

If you need a way to elevate your Monday nights might I suggest having a cheese plate for dinner. Easily thrown together and yummy.

It’s strawberry season in the Lowcountry. Be sure to stop by Dempseys or Barefoot Farms.

My nails over the past two weeks!

My new Simplified goodies came.

Happy weekend!



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