Fabulous Friday 2021, XV

Fabulous Friday 2021, XV

Happy weekend!

Another week. Another picnic.

My mama was here last weekend. Yay for vaccines and science! We had a picnic, visited HI where I found six tabby tiny sharks teeth. We also had Easter dinner.

I got a shelf for my seedlings and plant things. Hopefully this will keep the back porch more organized and usable. Also I’m praying for rain. This pollen is insane. I think it’s fading but a good earth wash would do us good.

This week I had a few cheese bites left from this big box and part of the packaging was open so I put it in a glass container to save space and taped the directions on top.

I got some good cleaning done this week like cleaning out my clothes.

All the birds. I recently went to Cypress Wetlands with Em and have been back twice since.

Enjoy your weekend!



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