Fabulous Friday 2021, XVI

Fabulous Friday 2021, XVI

Happy weekend!

Fresh strawberry pickin with a friend.

I can’t wait to try this lemon dressing on some lovely fresh summer tomatoes.

It was a stressful few days of a family medical thing but my rental pup came over everyday to give me snuggles.

I love the idea of a commonplace book. I did something similar in the days and months of grief after our miscarriage. I copied over sewer text and love and support and good things from the universe to remember always.

I was luckily enough to snag some Jeni’s ice cream in partnership with Dolly Parton. My order shipped this week but it arrived incomplete and totally melted, they think someone actually stole some ice cream.

We had some visitors last weekend. We played at Hunting Island and went to the Port Royal Wetlands in search of alligators.

Emily Ley and team Simplified launched their 2021-2022 academic calendars this week. Use my code for a discount if you want to grab one.

Happy weekend.



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