Fabulous Friday 2021, XIV

Fabulous Friday 2021, XIV

Happy Weekend!

A good reminder on adult task that we often push off but should be done.

We made a PVC frame to hang netting on to keep the birds and hopefully squirrels away from my olive trees.

Another week, another picnic.

How cute are these Easter/ Spring desserts. I think I’m making the traditional bunny shape cake but raspberry.

What I have read so far this year. ⭐️ means better than most. :a means an audio book. And * means I borrowed it for free from the Library or app.

Mean planning has been such a stressor and pain point for me. I feel like it’s my responsibility and part of my love in caring for Ryan so there is some self imposed since of failure when meal planning seems hard. Anyways I sat down and planned out the entire month. We can flip flop or change if we want but there is a flexible plan in place.

I scurried down the road to Savannah this week. I had lunch with a friend well my sister’s college roommate and friend but I’ll claim her too. I also went shopping for some shorts and at stores we don’t have in Beaufort.

We finally ordered a new bed. We still are looking for a headboard. We have learned they aren’t cheap.

Happy weekend. And Happy Easter.



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