Fabulous Friday 2021, XIII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XIII

Happy weekend! Somehow last weeks blog post didn’t get pushed to publish, so it’s a double publish day.

We had little love Bug for part of her spring break. She wore Tate out. We visited the beach, went to yoga, swam twice at the pool and had Penny over the whole time.

I’ve been struggling with the meal planning. I am working on a meal planning blog post but one of our quick family favs. Easy peasy. Chicken parm. But Chick-fil-A filets. Add jar sauce top with fresh mozzarella wrap in foil pop in the oven to reheat and melt the cheese. Boil noodles mix with Raos Alfredo. Add some garlic bread. Boom done. Delicious!

Chocolate. Covered. Local. Strawberries.

I’ve been inspired by @beginathome to tidy some spaces. If you need a good follow on Instagram.

This growing system popped up on my Instagram as well and now I want one or something similar for our back porch.

This beauty popped up in my garden this week. I planted them late but better late than not in the ground at all.

We visited the Cypress Wetlands in Port Royal. Lots of pretty birds, turtles and three alligators.

We drove past our old house last weekend and I am so sad at the state of our grass. We laid that sod ourselves and I build that rock wall myself. I spent hours plucking things to keep it nice when we lived there.

We stayed at the Galleria hotel last weekend when we picked Em up. I told Ryan he made my childhood dreams come true, he said, “Good I made my dreams come true too because it was cheapest.” Ha! This used to be the place to stay when we were little. Attached to the great mall in the big city of Birmingham.

This giant jelly was washed up on HI. I mean my foot is huge as I have been made fun of many times in my life. Size 11 women’s foot for reference.

Happy weekend!



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