Fabulous Friday 2021, XII

Fabulous Friday 2021, XII

Happy Friday!

We left the beach we live at to visit another beach.

How cute are these Jack Rogers? I don’t own any but also I can not justify spending that much on shoes.

I crossed back over to the Apple side of life. I was tired of missing parts of our family group text. All my family except Ry have iPhones. Ry and I text through Signal anyways. I must say I was only with Android for three years but I totally had to Google how to turn off my iPhone. Definitely a learning curve switching back. And yes I am purposely rocking that Care Bear phone case.

We caught up with Ry’s uncle and aunt this week. We realized thanks to stuff they had going on, us moving and the pandemic we hadn’t seen them in four years.

I made some homemade hummus and lamb ragu over hummus this week. It definitely wasn’t Alon Shaya’s but not bad.

More & more of my family is getting vaccinated and I am so excited. If you need help finding a vaccine appointment for you or someone you love let me know. Honestly it gives me a victory thrill to get those appointments made.

Ryan made fried shrimp and fries for dinner. I think we have mastered the buffalo shrimp at home.

Iceland is now allowing vaccinated visitors!! Whooo. Also, they have recorded more than 40,000 earthquakes in the past three weeks which has caused a volcano to erupt but we would still go.

Happy weekend! I hope everyone is adjusting to daylight savings and stayed safe with the storms this past week.



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