Fabulous Friday 2021, XI

Fabulous Friday 2021, XI

Happy Weekend! Don’t forget to Spring Forward Saturday night.

Last weekend I got some beautiful daffodils from the farmers market. They are still going strong.

I tried a new pasta recipe similar to the feta Tik Tock pasta but better. Our Senior year of college we had pasta Sunday dinners and I think I might bring that tradition back.

If you need a way to dry your sustainable earth friendly bags I just found this option. Its from Ware AVL, a woman owned store in Asheville, NC. I need to do a weekly Facebook and Instagram post on earth friendly swaps.

My family loves Aloha bags. How cute is this sea turtle collaboration with Lazy Turtle?

Another week another picnic.

Penny has been over alot lately. She did make a great nap buddy when I was flipping to nights last weekend before working Monday and Tuesday night.

Semi homemade poptarts are a favorite of my mine. I recently got a craving. I have an idea for some cute Easter egg shaped ones. In the past I hand cut these but I thought about trying a cookie cutter for a more uniform look. It worked great.

Hopeful vaccine news/studies.

Happy weekend.



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