Fabulous Friday 2021, IX

Fabulous Friday 2021, IX

Happy weekend!

We made buffalo shrimp again. They were better this time too. We used a different breading and it stayed on better.

Our rental pup has been visiting frequently this week.

Last weekend we has our first getaway in a long time. Hooray for vaccines and science.

I am not usually a fan of carnations but take most things and make them mini sized and I will love them more. This case is actually a yogurt container from Paris. It’s ceramic. I wish the US had more cool reusable stuff like this.

I’ve finished reading about three books this week. I was reading four at one time. I used to be in the solid one book only camp but now I prefer an audiobook for errands, cleaning, driving and an ebook for other times. I also love a good physical book.

Annie F Downs is one of my favorites. I listened to this book last year that I received free for preordering. I’ve been reading and following her for some time now. She has a precious story about buying a bottle of champagne in 2016 saying she would drink it when her book hit the NYT best sellers list. Well this book did! I’m so excited for her. I feel like she is a close friend but really she is an Internet person who has no idea I exist. My favorite book of hers is Looking for Lovely which is along the same theme as That Sounds Fun. I can’t wait to see what else life gives her!

I’ve have been making an effort to do my nails more. I guess I have been successful since all these were worn at some point since last Friday. You know those little things like painting your nails and lighting the candle when you are home.

Another day, another picnic lunch spot.

I have NOT slept well the past two nights. I am blaming my nightshift I worked on Monday. I’m praying for deeply restorative restful sleep tonight.

Happy weekend!



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