Fabulous Friday 2021, VII

Fabulous Friday 2021, VII

Happy, happy weekend.

Another week, another picnic. This time I was smart enough to wear two layers of pants, a hat, a sweatshirt plus a jacket.

We attempted homemade buffalo shrimp last Friday night at home. It was good but not quite as good as the restaurant. Mainly the breading we think?

Valentine’s nails.

I made the viral feta pasta bake. I like it. Not sure Ryan did but he also had been at work since 0600 which tends to make him a zombie. Walmart was out of blocks of feta so I used crumbles. I read this wouldn’t work as well because they don’t melt as well? I don’t know. It seemed fine to me.

I’ve been loving Libro.fm for my audiobook subscription. I found it a few months ago to replace Audible, simply because I want to support local books shops instead of Amazon and Amazon questionable ethics. You can click the link for my referral code.

Got crafty this week. I am loving these colors. I had used this to make a palm and moon with the wrong glue and instead of tossing it I am repurposing.

Happy Weekend!



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