Fabulous Friday 2021, VI

Fabulous Friday 2021, VI

Happy Friday!

Our rental dog Penny came and spent some time with us this week. One night Ryan took her home only to have her reappear on our back porch about five minutes later. So she hung out for a little longer.

A very interesting and much needed concept out of Denver, where trained mental health professionals help police officers with disruptive individuals. This provides the individuals with resources they need as well as freeing up police officers to serve more legitimate crime.

My ranunculus babies are growing! I’ll put them in the ground soon. Just while I’ve got them here might as well let them get bigger and stronger.

We had a picnic this week. Which we do on the regular since Covid. A Covid positive so yo say. It was cold but pretty.

I needed a dose of sunshine so I grabbed these beauties at Walmart while picking up groceries.

Don’t forget if you like to buy ebooks or physical books from Amazon, check out Bookshop instead. This article gives some background on the website.

Happy Weekend!



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