Fabulous Friday 2021, IV & V

Fabulous Friday 2021, IV & V

Happy end of January.

I was able to watch the inauguration. It was pretty incredible and I was much more emotional than I expected.

Last weekend we celebrated Ryan’s dad’s birthday. We had a campfire dinner with smores. I also made a delicious and smooth homemade hummus.

These ranunculus babies that I started about ten days ago really sprouted out! I tucked them into their bags to plant next week after I get my arches up and they get a little stronger.

I made homemade bread twice. One sourdough loaf and one yeast loaf. The sourdough is still lacking that sour bite that one gets in a crusty sourdough from the store. The yeast loaf was amazing. I told Ryan we needed to find a house with more land because I just wanted to stay home bake bread and grow my flower garden. My little flower heart is too big for my small two raised beds which is all we have room for, mostly due to neighbors/townhome rules not wanting anything past a certain line. Although there is a huge area out front that holds the septic tank. I think it would be a perfect flower garden.

I spilled tomato soup on our living room rug and thank goodness for small town living a coworker had a rug cleaner we borrowed. I used water, Dawn and a rag first then the carpet cleaner. You can’t tell. And now our entire rug has been cleaned because it the water was so gross from the area I did that I just cleaned the entire rug.

A good store out of vaccines stuck in a snow storm.

My Christmas present came. I can’t wait til we have some off time and some not cloudy nights.

Happy weekend! Enjoy!



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