Fabulous Friday 2021, III

Fabulous Friday 2021, III

Happy weekend. Not much of a weekend feels around here as it’s essentially the beginning of my work week.

The week started off with a delightful Bama win and a 18th National Championship Title.

I got these babies into some dirt yesterday. It’s definitely too late but here is to hoping. I should have done this at the beginning of December.

Who knew adulting was just trying to plan and cook dinner everyday for the rest of our lives. I feel like I’m constantly trying to add new stuff to our rotation. This week I tried fish taco bowls. They were yummy, an addition to the rotation.

I hurt my foot last weekend. Just a little tweak but I’ve been resting this week on my off days. I’ve binged season 2 of Virgin River and caught up on all but the latest episode of This is Us. Both so good. Any other feel good low stress or extremely well written shows out there?

Annie F Downs has a new book releasing February 2. I have already read it. It’s good. One of her favorite companies and mine did a collaboration the Annie Tote to celebrate. Follow Annie on Instagram for a discount.

Yesterday we got some sunshine but for the most part it’s been really overcast and today it’s been raining. I’m ready for some sunny days.

I’m planning to start some Magic Monday post on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Just a friendly reminder and inspiration of a way to cheaply and easily search for the magic in everyday life. Stay tuned for those.

Enjoy the weekend!



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