Fabulous Friday 2020, LII

Fabulous Friday 2020, LII

Well Fabulous Saturday or Boxing Day we should say. But its Christmas time who actually knows what day it is. Oh right me. Because I had to go back to work. But grateful I didn’t have to work Christmas day.

Christmas toes inspired by my Bug. She loves to do her toes and fingers every other color.

My gingerbread creations for the 40th annual Tilly Gingerbread party. This year it was virtual. I think every year we should add a virtual component for those that can’t make it.

This year we opened presents on some form of video chat with family on multiple occasions or multiple variations of family I guess. We NEVER get to celebrate with all of our family in person so I don’t know why we haven’t thought of this before but family I’m putting it on record no more Christmas presents without video communication or in person!!

Matching jammies with my brother and sissy and Embug although they failed to send me a picture…

I was able to get my first Covid vaccine earlier this week! So excited.

It was awesome to see Saturn & Jupiter. If you missed it, there is still time. They are visible for a few more nights although now they are spreading back apart.

Hope your week was merry & bright.

Happy weekend.



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