Fabulous Friday 2020, LI

Fabulous Friday 2020, LI

Holy 2020. Just a couple more weeks people. I hope you have already started to manifest all the good, joys and magic for 2021.

The presents are all on their way in their little brown box sleighs. The matching Christmas PJs are here and snuggly.

It’s been a hot minute or say you know two ish years since Ryan and I truly did a home improvement project. Although we are still in a rental we took about $120 and made our own little screened in porch. It didn’t turn out half bad. We attached the wood at the top and used some old anchor plate things we had to attach to the bottom and then dropped them down in between the porch floor so we wouldn’t be drilling into the floor, although the whole porch floor needs replacing. Not bad handy work. Also if you are in Beaufort and getting rid of a square patio table for cheap we want it.

Granny mailed me some of her sourdough starter. After I tried to kill it then revived it I made sourdough cinnamon rolls today. It’s so much work when it’s cold outside basically because it takes forever. I haven’t tasted them yet so we will see. In sourdough news I did create my own starter with flour and made a loaf of bread a week or so ago. It just tasted like bread and not sourdough bread, so something wasn’t right.

It’s been so wonderful to see the Covid vaccine being distributed and many of my nursing friends already receiving it.

The beach was chilly and beautiful this week. I had the entire southern end to myself for the entire time I was there over an hour.

What are you doing to savor this season?

Happy Weekend!



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