Fabulous Friday 2020, L+

Fabulous Friday 2020, L+

Well, well. It’s been a hot minute. Friday has always seem to sneak up on me lately. Here is a little life update from the past week and month.

I’ve just been over here trying to live my best Christmas life despite the Covid.

I of course broke out the ocean tree early as in end of October because 2020 and it’s my life I can do what I want when it doesnt harm anyone else.

I found this cutie online and of course I needed her. Some people might call it me extra, but I just say extra magical and extra joyful.

We had a cookie exchange at work recently which provided a bit of normal in a not so normal year.

I’ve been a busy elf wrapping and baking and spreading Christmas cheer.

On a serious note we are doing #rileykateslovies again. Basically the first Christmas after our miscarriage I wanted a way to honor and remember our baby girl. We decided to take the money we would have spent on her gifts and use it to spread love an joy. Some are random happies left in the park or gas station, etc. Some are intentional happies sent to those that love and support us and some are intentionally gifted to those in need. I always welcome ideas or suggestions if you know someone in need. Also, I encourage you if you have an angel baby or any angel that you would have normally purchased a gift for take that money and pay if forward. I’ll be sharing all of our acts of love later this month.

Still always hunting for fossils.

We stayed tucked at home for Thanksgiving. We did have a Lowcountry style Turkey Trot and socially distanced outdoor dinner with our neighbors. We opted outside for Black Friday after a little local shopping.

Sprinkle, Sparkle and Cupcake came to visit.

Em turned into a grown teenager apparently.

“See” you next week. Hopefully. I’ll try my very best.

Happy Weekend!



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