Fabulous Friday 2020, XLI- XLIII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XLI- XLIII

October flew by in a flash. One week left to crush some October goals.

I’ve got a few candy bags and treats ready for next Saturday in case we have any Trick or Treaters. I have some bouncy balls, pencils and skittles for allergy needs.

I put up my mermaid tree, basically because I was feeling lonely, sad, tired and generally depressed about some personal things within my fam. But putting this up helped so win.

I’ve started my Christmas wish list and shopping. I know the holidays are going to lo ok alot different this year for many people. What new traditions are you planning?

I made some apple cake but it seemed to be lacking something. I don’t know what. I’m excited about the football snacks I have planned tomorrow.

Penelope came to visit us so we called Em so they could visit. Em was so excited to see her.

Covid induced picnics still remain my favorite.

Caught this beautiful sunrise one morning at work.

Got my Bama nails ready. Happy Weekend!



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