Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXVIII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXVIII

Happy Weekend!

We are holding everyone effected by Sally and all the wildfires in love.

I made cinnamon rolls this week. I added chopped pecans to the cinnamon sugar mix. For the icing I used, cream cheese, butter a d maple syrup. I froze some of them spaced apart like this on a cookie sheet. Once frozen I put them in freezer ziplocks to just take out what we needed in the future rather than freezing them all together in one pan.

The murder of a Raleigh man if a sobering reminder not to ever meet anyone alone to sale something. I’m guilty of this myself. Ryan is at work someone wants to purchase your microwave off Facebook. So you meet them in broad daylight in a public parking lot thinking that is safe enough. But apparently not. Be vigilant people. And use this as a reminder to never meet anyone you don’t know alone even in a public place, she types as her husband who she meet just that way sits next to her. Bless it.

It’s been awhile since I played with makeup. Don’t forget get I sale Beautycounter for all your clean beauty needs.

Extra high tides flooded the beach, a few birds were just out floating and using it as a bird bath. It was so cute. It looked like they were having a community meeting.

I am all about trying to savor the current season but also I like to plan and anticipate things. In addition we all feel as if 2020 can take a hike. So in some happy, anticipatory thoughts here is some of my 2021 garden.

We were supposed to be celebrating our seven year anniversary in New Zealand or Spain right about now, but instead I’m reliving our past adventures through photos. I found this of a delicious dinner in Santorini. I might try to attempt some meatballs soon.

Happy Weekend! One week til the Tide starts Rollin’! Whooooo!



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