Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXVI

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXVI

Happy weekend! Its September already and yet also, it’s still 2020?

Started the week off with work. But finished it off with some play.

We had our own little private dolphin show! Check out that cute little baby face. I also love the water coming off their fin and one picture has a water spray from a breath.

This Ethiopian burger place in DC looks delicious.

Please take a moment to sign the period to protect Bay Point. If I find more ways to get involved I will definitely post them.

We have been trying out Walmart grocery delivery. My only complaint about grocery pick up and delivery is the plastic bags. We do recycle ours. Beaufort does have a plastic bag bag, so most places use paper, biodegradable or this thicker reusable plastic.

A Lilly Pulitzer chapel! I guess we have to get married again.

I miss baby turtles so much.

Happy weekend! Enjoy.



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