Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXV

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXXV

Happy Weekend! Ryan and I both are working so it doesn’t seem like much of a weekend.

Someone posted this article on our mental health and Covid in a Facebook group. I found it really informative and helpful. I feel like when Covid first descended upon us because Ryan and I both still went to work our lives didn’t seem too off normal, but now as my reserve is depleted it’s really taking its mental toll. It’s a long article but worth the read.

Annie F Downs said to roast cherry tomatoes so I did. They were good! On that note I ordered an air fryer/toaster oven this week and can’t wait to try some new things. So send me your favorites if you have any.

My work week was chopped up this week so I felt all kinds of crazy sleepwise which effects house cleaning. But trying to get the house fresh and clean for the work days.

The sand and ocean combo made it look like glass one night this week.

My little garden patch continues to thrive and bring me joy. I have been thinking about adding a little fairy and mermaid garden (you know the little houses and figurines) to my porch planters but seems the fairies have already set up there. Anyone else like to think fairies live under mushrooms, especially mushroom rings?

I made chicken lettuce wraps from Lowcountry Nutrition this week. They were so good. I did sub coconut aminos for the soy sauce. I also added a dash of a sweet chili sauce instead of red pepper flakes and Sriracha.

I made Em up a box of cards pre-addressed and stamped. She sent me the sweetest card this week.

Happy weekend! I can’t believe next Friday will be in September.



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