Fabulous Friday 2020, XXVIII & XXIX

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXVIII & XXIX

The weekend is here! It’s been busy with birthday celebrations over here.

My birthday gift from Ryan was two olive trees and a fig tree that all grow in pots. They came a few weeks ago and we already have olives.

Also have my little herb garden going.

Disney world is opening up this week for special previews etc. It makes me sad to be missing the magic. We decided to get a partial refund on our passes because we don’t feel like possibly exposing our patients or the other guest at Disney in this age of Covid. Mickey & Minnie I will miss you!

Birthday meals didn’t go quite as planned (one restaurant was closed on Tuesday and one wasn’t doing takeout.) It rained all day. Which none of those things are the end of the world I just like to get outside and out of the house. Finally there was a break in the rain so we ran to the waterfront for birthday dolphin show. He was so close.

We did however celebrate all week long with my shape cake (a family tradition), ice cream pie, fried shrimp, cheese boards and more dolphins. Image Alyssa a great birthday present that I wish I had made for myself.

We ventured to St Philips. It was a fun and educational trip although roasting hot.

This week brought work, disgruntled Instagram interactions, and general blah feelings.

I did feel down one day but asked in my new town of over a year if someone wanted to go walk that day. I had THREE responses. Thanks for making me feel loved and to myself for asking for help.

The first loggerhead babies hatched for the season. ❤️

Whole30 published this list if Black owned bookstores that carry Whole30 books. I thought it would be a great resource to save next time I am looking to purchase a book.

Happy weekend! Stay safe and mask up.



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