Fabulous Friday 2020, XXVII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXVII

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Ry and I work all weekend and all the fireworks have been cancelled around town but next week is birthday week so looking forward to that.

Last weekend Ryan’s parents camped on Hunting Island. We visited the oyster ring on Edisto with them.

Still happily watching my little garden grow. It got some updates with some herb additions.

I got some organization done around the house this week. I also worked a dayshift, it was wonderful to feel like a normal human.

I spent a wonderful morning at the beach. I even caught a glimpse of a mama sliding back onto the water.

I have been wishing Chick-fil-A would bring back their watermelon mint lemonade since Summer of 17. I had the idea to see if adding watermelon syrup would give the same effect, it totally does. I even have some mint in my herb garden to add.

Finally got my hair done and trimmed since Covid started.

Working on a special birthday surprise.

Happy July 4th!



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