Fabulous Friday 2020, XXV & XXVI

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXV & XXVI

Happy Weekend!

Last week we closed out the first session if Camp Tate. We are both counting the days till session two but Tate sure does need some rest before then.

She found a new pal to play with from next door.

I also have been loving her little notes. I got one in my lunchbox at work also her breakfast delivery order cracked me up.

Em and Ry caught some waves together. This little mermaid loves to swim.

I’ve been watching my little garden grow and it brings me such joy! I have some flower buds too so not long until those are opening.

I cant believe July is next week and then someone will be 33. 😱

Ry’s parents came to camp at Hunting Island. We had some good but hot socially distanced adventures. Smores and hotdogs by the campfire.

Now to check some things off the to do list, like clean organized the pantry closet. And get my exercise routine back going.

Happy weekend!



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