Fabulous Friday 2020, XXII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXII

Happy Weekend, friends!

Camp Tate starts soon and I am trying to plan all the fun, safe at home activities. List in progress. I know this pandemic has put an end to many activities but do you have any fun summer stuff planned?

I’m missing Disney so much! We were supposed to be going next week but now I think with all the changes we will just request a refund on our remaining pass time and go post vaccine.

A baby beluga was born on Em’s birthday in ATL.

Also finally got Em’s room together.

My heart has been heavy with the death of George Floyd and so many others. This world is so broken and white privilege and supremacy rage on. I’ve been trying to formulate some good words- words that bring comfort, love, peace, recognition, honor, remembrance, awareness, rage, and words that battle ignorance. I don’t have the right words or enough words. But I am standing in outrage, willing to listen and learn and attempt to make the world a better place. I’m standing in love with all the mamas and families that fear for their baby’s life just because the color of their skin. I don’t have the best words but I have the heart and love and I am holding you tenderly. It’s not enough and it won’t change much but I hope it’s something and everyone’s won’t change much could add up to some pretty amazing things.

I’ve been off my sharks tooth game mainly a lack of taking the time to look. But I found a few today.

My birthday is still more than a month away but I can’t wait to make my cake thing I have dreamed up.

Hunting Island has 25 turtle nest now!

Happy weekend.



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  1. We luv Hunting Island. We were there for my birthday and Fathers Day. Saw some nests. My wife and I used to do those turtle walks years ago when we lived there.

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